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C has the usual facilities for grouping things together to form composite types-- arrays and records (which are called "structures"). The following definition declares a type called "struct fraction" that has two integer sub fields named "numerator" and

"denominator". If you forget the semicolon it tends to produce a syntax error in whatever thing follows the struct declaration.


struct fraction { int numerator; int denominator;

};          // Don't forget the semicolon!



This declaration introduces the type struct fraction (both words are required) as a new type. C uses the period (.) to access the fields in a record. You can copy two records

of the same type using a single assignment statement, however == does not work on structs.

struct fraction f1, f2;          // declare two fractions f1.numerator = 22;

f1.denominator = 7;


f2 = f1;    // this copies over the whole struct


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