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Obviously you want to get the optimal combination of low price and availability. It’s no good getting a rock-bottom price quote only to be told you’ll have to wait three months to get your car (unless you’ve planned for that wait).


Once you are ready to buy your first step should be to return to the manufacturer’s site for your chosen car and configure it the way you want. This will allow you to establish if the MSRP has changed (from the previous configuration that you printed out) and also to see what financing deals and incentives are available.


Then use all of the upfront pricing sites - those with a B in the first column in the New Car Online Buying Site Scorecard - to get a price on your chosen car.


Then use three or four of the Quote Request Sites – marked with a Q in the first column of the New Car Online Buying Site Scorecard – to get price quotes from dealerships in your neighborhood.


Finally, if you wish, you could fax, e-mail or telephone a few local dealerships with the details of your chosen car and ask for pricing and availability. If you are immune to sales pitches you could even visit dealers’ lots in person to gather quotes.


Once you’ve decided on where you’re going to buy the car from go ahead and firm up the details by putting down a deposit or calling back the dealer. If you cant pay for your car with a big wad of cash – and who can these days – check out the next section on financing.