89c51tutorial 89c51 programming interface

Feature and Descriptions of 89c51
89C51-pin diagram
89c51-block diagram
89c51-Pin Description
89c51-Oscillator Characteristics
89c51-Power Down Mode 
89c51-Programming the Flash
89c51-Programming Interface




Programming Interface


Every code byte in the Flash array can be written and the entire array can be erased by using the appropriate combination of control signals. The write operation cycle is self-timed and once initiated, will automatically time itself

to completion. All major programming vendors offer worldwide support

for the Atmel microcontroller series. Please contact your local programming vendor for the appropriate software revision.




Verifying the flash



 Flash programming and verification characteristics


Flash programming and verification waveformsóHigh Voltage Mode




Flash programming and verification waveformsóLow Voltage Mode




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