VHDL Tutorial History of VHDL
Introduction to VHDL
History of VHDL

Naming Conventions
Libraries and packages
Entity Declaration
Entity Example
Architecture declaration
Architecture example
Signal representation
Multivalued logic representation
Built in data types
Synthesis vs simulation
Logical operators
Assignment statements
Process statements
D Flip flop example code
Finite state machine(FSM)
Finite state machine example
Combinational circuit example code
Quad 2 input MUX example
Seven segment display controller
8 Bit register
32 bit counter







History of VHDL 


    VHDL was developed by the VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated

Circuit) Program in the late 1970s and early 1980s


   The VHSIC program was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense


   Existing tools were inadequate for complex hardware designs



    The evolution of VHDL has included the following milestones:


   In 1981, VHDL was first proposed as a hardware description language


   In 1986, VHDL was proposed as an IEEE standard


   In 1987, the first VHDL standard (IEEE-1076-1987) was adopted


   In 1993, a revised VHDL standard (IEEE-1076-1993) was adopted


   In 2002, the current VHDL standard (IEEE-1076-2002) was adopted



    VHDL is now used extensively by industry and academia for the purpose of simulating and synthesizing digital circuit designs



The Standardization of VHDL 


     IEEE 1076-1987


    Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual [Out of Print]  





    Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual Interpretations [1-55937-181-1]  



     IEEE 1076-1993


    Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual [1-55937-376-8]  



     IEEE 1076-2000


    Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual [0-7381-3326-4]  



     IEEE 1076-2002


    Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual [0-7381-3247-0]  


Extensions to VHDL 


     IEEE 1076.1-1999


    IEEE Standard VHDL Analog and Mixed-Signal Extensions [0-7381-1640-8]  



     IEEE 1076.2-1996


    IEEE Standard VHDL Mathematical Packages [1-55937-894-8]  



     IEEE 1076.3-1997


    IEEE Standard VHDL Synthesis Packages [1-55937-923-5]  



     IEEE 1076.4-1995


    IEEE Standard VITAL ASIC Modeling Specification [1-55937-691-0]  



     IEEE 1076.5-xxxx


    IEEE Standard VHDL Utilities Packages [Not Standardized]  



     IEEE 1076.6-1999


    IEEE Standard for VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL) Synthesis [0-7381-1819-2]  



Related IEEE Standards     


     IEEE 1164-1993


    Standard Multivalue Logic System for VHDL Model Interoperability [1-55937-299-0]  



     IEEE 1364-1995


    IEEE Standard Description Language Based on the Verilog Hardware Description

Language [1-55937-727-5]  






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