Human Face Recognition

Human Face detection


The human face recognisation has become one of the most extensive useful technology in our mosern innovative society where each & every country try to invent number of innovative modern technological aspects to make human life luxurious.

                   But at the same time we should remember that evil forces has now spread over the whole world . These forces are too powerful to destroy all innovations and human peace here the usefulness of this human face recognition lies whose main motto is  authentication of a valid person.

                    We have performed this project on autocorrelation, comparing two same or different objects. Correlation output, using Gaussian filter provides the 3D peak. From the sharpness of that peak we can decide whether the two subjects are same or different. If the peak is sharp we conclude that both the subjects are same that means the user is valid. On the other hand if the peak is blunt we can conclude that subjects are not same or good amount of noise is incorporated. That means the user is not valid. Now a days this technology is also improving day by day to protect our glorious and soothing society from the curse darkness of terrorism and other evil forces.

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