Human Face Recognition

Matlab Program 1 for face recognition

MATLAB Programs for Face recognition

Program 1.

I = imread('cara_03.jpg');

J= imread('cara_15.jpg');

%J = imnoise(I,'salt & pepper',0.02);

BW1 = im2bw(I,.8);

BW2= im2bw(J,.23);





%p=BW1 * BW2;






Z = fspecial('gaussian');



                             Figure 1                                                     Figure 2







                  First of all cara_11.jpg & cara_15.jpg two colour pictures are read into I & J respectively. Then im2bw converts these two colour pictures into black & white pictures and they are saved in BW1 & BW2 respectively.These two pictures are shown in figure1 & figure2.BW1 & BW2 are two different matrices. So correlation is done in between these two matrices by using “corr2” and the result is saved in “p” which is passed as the parameter in peaks() function to find out the peak of the correlation result.If this peak is sharp then the two pictures are almost same but if the peak is not so sharp then we can conclude that there is difference in between those two pictures. As in the above case peak is not so sharp, so we can conclude that the two faces are of two different human being.

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