Human Face Recognition

MATLAB Program 4--alphanumeric char detection & fourier transform

%same alphanumeric char detection & fourier transform..


I = imread('apple1.bmp');

J= imread('apple2.bmp');

BW1 =fft2(I);



BW2 =fft2(J);



P= conj(BW2);


d = fft2(BW1.*BW2);




%S = P*BW2;

%Q = fft2(S,3,3);



d = fspecial('gaussian');

 figure, freqz2(d,[64 64]), axis([-1 1 -1 1 0 .8])





                              Figure1                                                                                        Figure2













                                                                    Figure 3


                                                                            Figure 4

                  First of all both the alphabets are read in I & J . Then fast fourier transform of the individual alphabets and the product of first alphabet & the complex conjugate of second alphabet is performed . Results are shown in fig1, fig2 ,fig3 & fig4 respectively.


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