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Utility  of sobel and canny for edge detection

MATLAB Program 8

%utility  of sobel and canny for edge detection

I = imread('eight.tif');

J = imnoise(I,'salt & pepper',0.02);


figure, imshow(J)


BW1 = edge(I,'sobel',0.03);

BW2 = edge(I,'canny');


figure, imshow(BW2)













Figure 1



                                                                                      Figure 2(Sobeldetected)




Figure3(canny detected)



                  First of all alphabet image “eight.tif”  is read twice in variables I & J then two matrices are formed BW1 & BW2 . Then edge(BW1,’canny’) function  forms the sharp edges of two alphabets noise is inserted in one of them by using imnoise() function. Three parameters are passed through this function. First one is the variable where the picture is saved in which noise is to be inserted, second one is the type of noise, third one is parameter. Sobel is used to detect blunt edges.In case of Sobel() a threshold is passed.



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