Mobile Satellite Systems Frequency bands

Mobile Satellite Systems (Frequency Bands)

Assigned Frequencies

P Band: 0.225-0.39 GHz

J Band: 0.35-0.53 GHz

L Band: 0.39-1.55 GHz

S Band: 1.55-5.2 GHz

C Band: 3.9-6.2 GHz

X Band: 5.2-10.9 GHz

K Band: 10.9-36.0 GHz

Ku Band: 15.35-17.25 GHz

Q Band: 36-46 GHz

V Band: 46-56 GHz

W Band: 56-100 GHz

Antenna gain proportional to 2, free space loss to 1/2

Counterbalanced by noise and absorption issues


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